Opalescent Motion’s debut album, Metropolitan Daydreams, has been released.

Although evocative of Brian Eno, Steve Reich, and Blue Man Group, with hints of Peter Gabriel, Marconi Union and Acid Jazz, you can't say, “It sounds just like . . . ”

Opalescent Motion’s music has been called “evocative,” “atmospheric,” “thrilling,” and “playful.”


I wish I could make it easy for you to understand what the music of Opalescent Motion is.  If I just put it into a simple, well-defined genre, all would be well.  But I am too interested in too many different kinds of sound to stick with just one.  It ranges from gently pulsing, enveloping electronica, to brash, rhythmic track played on tools from the hardware store.

Metropolitan Daydreams, the debut album under the name Opalescent Motion, has been released. It is available from CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, and many other stores. Go to the “Albums” page to hear it.


Ted Trobaugh